Profile Projects

The Engineering Daily

Client: The Engineering Daily Company

The Engineering Daily is a popular news and articles website for engineers built using Wordpress CMS.

Wealthy Hair E-Commerce Store

Client: Wealthy Hair

The client was looking for a highly customized Magento CMS which performed flawlessly during peak performance. As such, we had to alter most of the code to make database retrieval faster. For marketing purposes the pages had to be optimized for search engines using insight gathered from keyword research and traffic analysis.

Touch provided the exact Magento Store we were looking for. The personal touch that the team gave this project actually translated into a delightful end-user experience. Our conversion rates on the new website have gone up by 300%.

Julia W. Strunk

Tenders Africa

Client: Tenders Africa Group

Tenders are the primary modes of procuring products and services in most African countries. This website allows corporations to use the website to showcase open tenders and receive inquiries. The website also serves as a reminder for those participating in the tender process because it provides accurate deadlines throughout the active period of the tender.

Safiri Africa

Client: Safiri Africa Tours and Travels Limited

To allow ease of future management and changes, all pertinent components of tours are saved in several interrelated tables. For example, each picture is saved in a pictures table with a destination attached to it. Therefore each tour that has that particular destination as part of its tour will have that picture as part of its overall tours. This arrangement provides the site owner with an easier way to add and modify destinations and also gives a better experience for the users.

The Engineering Directory

Client: The Engineering Daily Company

An interactive website which allows engineering companies to post their company profiles, jobs and business leads. The website is entirely database driven and requires minimal input from the administrator. Since the site relies entirely on user-generated content, the content provided by the users is used efficiently to enhance meta tags and provide relevant breadcrumbs. The website also utilizes Microformats for the company information to enhance the search engine results.