E-commerce Solution for Kenyan Merchants

Touch Web Services has created what we believe is the best and most affordable ecommerce website for Kenyan Merchants. Our Touch Ecommerce Starter (TES) websites are built with the Kenyan consumer in mind and incorporate mobile payment options as well as other useful features. If you have been thinking about having a way to sell your products online, please consider TES for the following reasons:


  • TES websites are search engine friendly, easily scalable, light and easy-to-use;
  • each of the TES website has rich snippets integrated into the code. Rich snippets enhance your search engines results;
  • useful ecommerce functionalities such as reviews and wishlist have been incorporated into the websites;
  • each of the TES websites have a customer-access page designed to provide your customers with the ability to track their orders and update their wishlists;
  • as the website owner, you also have access to an administration panel for insightful data on what is happening in your store; and best of all you can
  • sample the TES Website Demos before you buy.

Converting users into buyers

  • TES is entirely dynamic and database-driven. As such, TES utilizes smart placement criteria for the rendering of products on the website. In other words, we compute the items customers are more likely to buy (based on previous orders, number of items in the wishlist etc) and automatically place higher ranking items more prominently;
  • Wishlists are arguably one of the best ways to know what your customers like. TES allows wishlist items to be saved for each user and also provides an easy way to load the items onto a shopping cart;
  • The checkout process is entirely free-standing in a way, meaning that the customer can increase the quantities they want to buy without having to go back to the store, thus eliminating the opportunities for them to change their minds; Furthermore
  • TES utilizes a one page checkout system which also eliminates all opportunities for the customer to be distracted away from the checkout process.

Google Ecommerce Integration

While we believe our design is flawless, we do not want you to take our word for it, that is why we have fully integrated Google Ecommerce Analytics for more insights on how your website store is perfoming. Google Ecommerce allows you to:

  • Know who is coming to your website, how they got there, how long they stayed, which pages they looked at and from which page they exited; best of all
  • You will also be able to know how the customers who actually buy are coming to your website. ie. 10% of customers from Facebook bought product A while 2% of customers from Keyword XYZ bought product A.

With such actionable insights you will be able to better strategize your marketing effort, adjust your prices, increase your offering etc.


The cost for any of the themes you choose is 15,500 KES. We will give you free hosting for the first 12 months, thereafter our charge for hosting will only be 5,000 per year. And of course, setup and emails are free.
That's it.

Theme Options

Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya

Ideal For:
-Website that are image intensive such as ladies' shoes, clothes, accessories, home furnishings, kids clothes etc

Ideal For:
-Review heavy websites such as Books, Textbooks, Movies, Games

Ideal For:
-Review-dependant and image-heavy sales such as electronics

Demo: Store Customer Admin
Username: demo
Password: demo

Demo: Store Customer Admin
Username: demo
Password: demo

Demo: Store Customer Admin
Username: demo
Password: demo


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